Extra Bottle White Peppermint 64g
Extra Bottle White Peppermint 64g
Product Code: EP77907
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EXTRA White Bottle Peppermint

Do a little bit EXTRA for your teeth and Eat Drink Chew EXTRA® White Peppermint Pellet Gum. Perfect for the home, car or office, EXTRA® White Peppermint Bottle helps to keep teeth clean and healthy, enabling you to feel more confident, ready to make the most of everyday moments and ensuring you always have your Time to Shine™.
Also availbale in a 4 x 10 piece multi pack

EXTRA® is Australia and New Zealand's original and favourite sugarfree gum. Launched in 1987, EXTRA was the first sugarfree gum with longer lasting flavour.

EXTRA consumers don't just chew for the great taste. Chewing sugarfree gum has been clinically proven to positively impact oral health by:

Restoring pH balance in the mouth neutralising plaque acids
Helps clean away food that may have lodged in teeth and gums
Helps to naturally remineralise teeth attacked by acid, as the minerals in saliva are the same as in teeth
The Australian Dental Association and the New Zealand Dental Association both recommend chewing a sugarfree gum like EXTRA after eating and drinking as part of a good oral care routine.

So the next time you have something to eat or drink, do a little bit EXTRA for your teeth and chew a piece of your favourite EXTRA gum.

Size: 64g

Product ID: 77907
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